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MFA Spokesperson's Comments in Response to Media Queries on the Collision between MV Pireas and the Malaysian Government Vessel Polaris on 9 February 2019

10 February 2019

In response to media queries on the collision between MV Pireas and the Malaysian Government vessel Polaris on 9 February 2019, the MFA Spokesperson said,


“The collision between MV Pireas and Malaysian Government vessel Polaris took place in Singapore Territorial Waters off Tuas, and in an area that goes beyond Malaysia’s territorial claim of 1979, which Singapore has never recognised. Singapore reiterates its call for Malaysia to withdraw its vessels from the area, as the persistent presence of its vessels clearly poses a threat to safety of navigation in the area. As we have said previously, Malaysia will be responsible for any untoward situations on the ground that arise from continued deployment of its vessels into this area.


  The Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore is currently investigating the incident.”


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10 FEBRUARY 2019


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